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My 2024 Social Media Ideas - Notion Template (800+ Dates, 360 Prompts + More)

My 2024 Social Media Ideas - Notion Template (800+ Dates, 360 Prompts + More)

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Over 800 Awareness Days, 300+ Prompt ideas and more to Transform Your Social Media Strategy in 2024!

Finding it challenging to keep your social media content fresh and engaging? Our 'My 2024 Social Media Calendar' - Notion Template is here to help you plan and create content for social media.



Key Features:

Special Days 2024: Our template includes a list of over 800+ awareness days and significant dates for 2024, providing you with endless opportunities to create timely, relevant, and impactful content.

360 Content Ideas: Say goodbye to content blocks! We offer a unique and creative content idea for each day of 2024, ensuring your social media feeds stay vibrant and engaging all year round.

150 Viral Video & Caption Hooks: Capture your audience's attention with our selection of viral-worthy video ideas and compelling captions, perfect for platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

93 Call To Actions: Boost your audience engagement with our specially crafted CTAs. These effective, non-pushy prompts are designed to encourage interaction and conversion without being overly salesy.

User-Friendly and Integrative

After purchase, just duplicate this template into your Notion account (or create a free account). It's a perfect fit for marketers, influencers, small business owners, or anyone eager to maintain a dynamic and organised social media presence.

Why This Template?

Comprehensive Awareness Dates:

With over 1000+ awareness and special dates, you'll always have a relevant topic to engage your audience.

Saves Time:

Plan efficiently and avoid the stress of last-minute content creation.
Increases Engagement: Our creative prompts are designed to boost interaction and visibility.

Affordable & Valuable: For just £15, gain access to a year's worth of content ideas and prompts. 

Take Your Social Media to the next level in 2024!

Integrate effortlessly with your Notion account. You will receive a link to duplicate in your own account which you can customise after purchase.


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