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Social Media Marketing Planner and Workbook (Digital Edition, GoodNotes, iPad, PDF)

Social Media Marketing Planner and Workbook (Digital Edition, GoodNotes, iPad, PDF)

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Unlock the Power of Social Media with the Social Media Planner Digital Edition

Transform your small business's online presence with our groundbreaking digital planner, designed for GoodNotes and iPad users. The Social Media Planner Digital Edition is your secret weapon to stay organised, attract more customers, and boost your growth.

Tackle Your Social Media Challenges Head-On

Overcome these common social media obstacles and watch your small business soar:

  1. Maintain a consistent and engaging online presence
  2. Plan and schedule content ahead of time
  3. Measure your marketing efforts and ensure they drive results
  4. Identify your target audience and create resonant content
  5. Express your unique brand and stand out from the competition

Experience the Benefits of the Social Media Planner Digital Edition

Our planner is expertly designed to transform your social media strategy, leading to increased brand recognition, customer engagement, and business growth:

  1. Boost your online presence
  2. Stay organized and save time
  3. Maximize your marketing impact
  4. Understand and engage your audience
  5. Express your unique brand identity

Inside the Social Media Planner Digital Edition:

  • Usage Instructions
  • Goal Planning
  • Customer Avatar
  • Business Personality
  • Look and Feel
  • Monthly and Weekly Planning
  • Analytics Tracker
  • Content Ideas

Take Control of Your Social Media Strategy Today!

Elevate your social media game and watch your small business thrive with our Social Media Planner Digital Edition. This comprehensive tool offers the ultimate solution to planning, organizing, and tracking your social media content.

Experience the transformative power of a well-planned and efficient social media strategy, stay organized, and drive meaningful results for your business. Don't miss out on the opportunity to unlock your business's true potential with the Social Media Planner Digital Edition!

How to Use the Digital Social Media Planner:

Upon purchasing the Digital Social Media Planner, you will receive a zip file containing:

  1. .goodnotes files of the digital planners in various designs
  2. PDF versions compatible with any device that has editable PDF software
  3. A "Start Here" guide with instructions

Please note that refunds are not available for digital products.

Importing the Planner into GoodNotes:

Option 1: Open GoodNotes, click the "+" and select "import". Choose the .goodnotes planner file and click "import as new document" if prompted.

Option 2: Find the planner in your files, click the share icon, and select "open in GoodNotes". Choose "import as new document" when prompted.

Using Stickers in GoodNotes:

The .goodnotes file includes transparent stickers. Access the sticker page anytime from the sticker tab, and copy and paste the stickers anywhere in your digital planner.

Importing the Planner into Other Apps:

Use the PDF file from your digital download to import the planner into other apps. Follow similar instructions as for GoodNotes, or consult your app's support pages if needed.

Using Stickers in Other Apps:

A sticker page is available at the end of the digital planner. Use the lasso tool or similar feature to screenshot and paste stickers throughout your planner. Note that only .goodnotes file stickers are fully transparent. In other apps, stickers will have a white box around them. For transparent stickers, use the .goodnotes planner file in the GoodNotes app.

Copyright Notice: All designs are included in the download file. (Please note the designs of this planner have been copyrighted and cannot be passed on, sold, or reproduced in anyway. 

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