About The Creator

Hi, I'm Lucy—welcome to the shop for my Social Media Planner! As a digital education enthusiast and entrepreneur, I'm passionate about empowering others to succeed in the digital world.

I started my journey as a young digital entrepreneur and later founded Digital Women, a community, event, and awards initiative on a mission to empower over a million women with digital skills. I also created the UK's top Social Media Marketing Festival and publish SocialDay, in addition to organizing the annual Social Media Marketing Awards held in London.

In my spare time, I love to write. I am the author of the Social Media Content Planner and The Little Book of Social Media Ideas. As a speaker and educator on digital and social media, I regularly speak at conferences and contribute to mainstream media. My insights have been featured on the Twitter for Business Blog, and I've been interviewed as a community creator on the Facebook community portal. I often appear on BBC Radio, Sky TV, and Five Live, discussing the latest in digital trends.

I've created CPD certified courses in content planning, eCommerce, and SEO, leveraging my experiences to offer practical, actionable education. My proudest achievement is the Digital Women Community, which aims to empower one million women through digital skills.

I'm recognized in my field and have received several accolades, including being named Women in Tech - Role Model of the Year, listed among Computer Weekly's Influential Women in Tech, a two-time KWIBA Awards Winner, a Facebook #shemeansbusiness accredited trainer, a Facebook Blueprint Certified Lead Trainer, a Certified Media Planning Professional, a Certified Community Manager, an Enterprise Nation Advisor, and an FSB Member.

Thank you for visiting, and I hope my Social Media Planner helps you streamline your process and maximise your social media impact with the same passion and effectiveness that I strive to bring to the digital world.