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Little Book of Awareness Days, Holidays and Events Calendar 2024 (A6)

Little Book of Awareness Days, Holidays and Events Calendar 2024 (A6)

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Planning content for social media, blogs and PR is a lot of work and the little book of Awareness Days has been developed to make that work easier. Instead of spending ages trawling Google, looking for special days to plan content around, we've created one little book, a guide and a complete list of over 1000 awareness events for 2024 to help you plan and create social media content around. 

And whilst this product may seem pretty niche, it's actually great for all businesses and charities who want to ensure they are in the know about special occasions and events in advance and can start planning content for those events way before the event begins. It's just smart, And whilst you don't have to hook your content into every single awareness day, this book helps you find dates that mean something to your audience, Not only is the book rammed with special dates, both globally and UK centric, it includes hashtags and heaps of tips for using awareness days for building content marketing, PR and general campaigns around. 

There's nothing worse than seeing everyone post and have conversations around special days that are relevant to your brand and then realising you had no idea that date was today Now it's time for you to be the organised one! That's exactly what this little book is for. 

This little book is the perfect friend to your social media planner! Add only the dates that are important to you in the social media planner and start to develop a social media content plan with purpose. 

The little book of Awareness Days, Events and Holidays is A6 sized, perfect bound and is beautifully designed. it's uncoated to add your own dates and notes too! 

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