Special Dates: November - Plan to get in people’s baskets and Influence purchase intent.

In November people are shopping: researching for gifts, searching for deals, and purchasing in the lead up to Christmas. 

The opportunity for brands is to get in people’s baskets and Influence purchase intent. If you aren't ready for the Christmas season all is not lost you still have time to make the attention of your customers using social media organically and through advertising. 

Here is a list of special events and dates taking place that you can use to tap into a wider conversation especially on Twitter to gain attention of shopping customers. 

These dates are taken from Twitters Agency Planning Calendar.

November has a few very significant dates such as Guy Fawkes Night and Remembrance Sunday. Notably Black Friday is in November so if you have a some products that you can discount significantly and still make a profit or use them as a loss leader to get customers on your list to up-sell more products later then this is a great time to do it, especially as people are looking for fantastic deals. 


What is happening?

4. Microsoft Ignite Web Summit

5. Guy Fawkes Day

10. Remembrance Sunday

11. COP24 

13. World Kindness Day

15. Children in Need 

17. American Music Awards

19. Dreamforce

28. Thanksgiving

29. Black Friday

30. St Andrews Day 

I wish you Happy Planning and Successful Marketing in the lead up to Christmas! 

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