Last Minute Plans: Special Content Days This Weekend 2-3rd November 2019

Last Minute Plans: Special Content Days This Weekend 2-3rd November 2019

Sometimes we just don't have our social media shizzle together! So for those of you looking for something to talk about or join in the conversation with this weekend here are some celebratory days and some ideas about how to join in on social media and create some last moment content for your followers to enjoy!

2nd November 

Deviled Egg Day #DeviledEggDay

That's right, there really is a day for everything... that includes deviled eggs! If you work in food or cook you could knock up some eggs yourself for sharing on social media. Use the hashtag to show off your handiwork or join in the conversation! 

How do you make those evil eggs? 

Hard boil some eggs, scoop out the yolk, mix with mayo and spice of your choice,  stuff the egg with your mixture! Easy... can't wait to see the pics! 

Numbat Day #NumbatDay

What is a Numbat you ask? It's a small marsupial once found across most of southern Australia. and can now be found in isolated areas of southwest Western Australia. They are endangered and the population is less than 1000, they face the threat of extinction. 

If you are an animal lover, or even if you are not, this is a good cause to get behind on social media! use the hashtag to join the conversation.. share your Numbat selfie pics (okay maybe not)

Sunday 3rd

Sandwich Day #SandwichDay

This one I can get behind, I do love a good sarnie and being from Kent it's a no brainer... 

There is a commonly known story about the history of the word sandwich, and it’s attributed to John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich. One piece of that history that’s rarely discussed is the meaning of the word Sandwich and the town it comes from. Sandwich is a city in the shire of Kent in England, originally the word was spelled Sondwic, and then Sandwic, and ultimately in 1086 as Sandwice. The name of the town came from its purpose and its claim to fame, it was a market town. So what does Sandwich actually mean? “Market Town on Sandy Soil”.

John Montagu was the 4th Earl of this town, a royal title that essentially means ‘chieftain’ and placed them in charge of a territory in the King’s stead. John was a well a known lover of card games, and it’s said he originally ordered his meat to be delivered to him between two slices of bread so that he would not get his grease laden fingers on the card, nor require a fork to eat.

As people heard of this, they started ordering their food “The Same as Sandwich”, and eventually just “a sandwich”. From such things are legendary culinary delights born. Sandwich Day celebrates both the Earl himself, and the wonder he brought to us in the form of the sandwich.

Celebrate by making the best sandwich ever and share it on social of course! My sandwich is better than yours! 

Zero Tasking Day #zerotaskingday

If making that sarnie seems like a bit too much hassle today then you'll be pleased to know it's also zero tasking day.

History of Zero Tasking Day

Daylight Savings Time was originally created to help the world keep in line with the cycles of an agrarian society. The times you worked and the times you took care of personal needs were all tied directly to the daylight hours.

When daylight savings time changes, we are sometimes gifted with an imaginary ‘extra hour’, and zero-tasking day encourages us to take the opportunity to use that hour for personal growth, relaxation, and basically just taking care of ‘me’.

Especially in today’s society where time is constantly marching on and we’re heavily connected to everything, finding a little time to disconnect is absolutely vital to keeping ourselves physically and emotionally fit. So who’s responsible for this little burst of genius?

Take some time for yourself today... but make sure social media knows about lol! 

Candy Day #CandyDay

In the early 13th century the English borrowed a word from the French who in turn adopted it from the Arabic word “Qandi” meaning “to be made from sugar.” Honey has been a favorite since ancient times. The Egyptians, Arabs and the Chinese used it to make candied fruits which continue to be popular today, including candied ginger and honeyed dates. 

Buy some candy! Flash it on social, run a sweet giveaway. how many candies in this jar or something along those lines! 

So here it is.. some last minute ideas for this weekends content! Get cracking... those eggs! 

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