Why have a social media content planner and calendar?

Why have a social media content planner and calendar?

Creating content on a regular basis for your business or brand can be a lot of work. The todo's are endless and you always have something else you could be doing. Social Media and content marketing experts are forever sharing ideas and you can overwhelmed pretty fast, sometimes you simply try and implement immediately without planning or you simply put these new ideas to the bottom of the list and most likely your social media plans go out the window and social media or content marketing consistency is never realised.

That's why planning the content you are going to create is really important and then likewise creating a schedule or calendar for when this content is going to be released to your social channels or blog. 

The other hard truth is that if you don't have a plan that's recorded and ready to be implemented, how can you understand what you are trying to achieve and even how you will get there? 

If you do have a content plan created and a strategy in place you can also put in place goals or objectives so that you can review and effectively measure results on a regular basis. 

Then theres the time saving element (isn't time what we all value more than anything as a business?), if you spend a day or two planning and creating the content that's likely to fit in with your goals you can schedule this content into a tool such as ContentCal and have content planned and ready to go out over the next few weeks or months, now all you have to worry about is engaging with your customers and making those connections and even sales (depending on your objectives)

If you are more of an offline planner like me, then the social media planner is the tool for you, but I always use an online tool to schedule my ideas in to save me time later! 

"A morning well spent means a week of content!" 


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