Special Dates: December - Planning your content around special awareness days

December is a time when a festive cheer hits the air and theres also plenty of special awareness days this month to create your content around or to use to simply join the conversation.

Here are the special dates for December + suggested hashtags for social media.

3-Dec International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2019 #InternationalDayofPersonswithDisabilities2019
5-Dec World Soil Day 2019 #WorldSoilDay2019
5-Dec International Volunteers Day 2019 #InternationalVolunteersDay2019
9-Dec International Anti Corruption Day 2019 #InternationalAntiCorruptionDay2019
10-Dec International Animal Rights Day 2019 #InternationalAnimalRightsDay2019
10-Dec Human Rights Day 2019 #HumanRightsDay2019
12-Dec International Day of Neutrality 2019 #InternationalDayofNeutrality2019
12-Dec International Day of Neutrality 2019 #InternationalDayofNeutrality2019
14-Dec Christmas Jumper Day 2019 #ChristmasJumperDay2019
18-Dec Arabic Language Day 2019 #ArabicLanguageDay2019
18-Dec International Migrants Day 2019 #InternationalMigrantsDay2019
20-Dec International Human Solidarity Day 2019 #InternationalHumanSolidarityDay2019
23-Dec Festival Of Winter Walks 2019 #FestivalOfWinterWalks2019
25-Dec Christmas Day 2019 #ChristmasDay2019
31-Dec New Years Eve 2019 #NewYearsEve2019



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