62 Social Media Post / Content Ideas you can use right now!

62 Social Media Post / Content Ideas you can use right now!
Are you looking for a little inspiration for your next social media post? Sometimes, our intentions are great but we just draw a blank! And for those days here are some ideas for your next post! Mixed in with a few tips and a little Inspiration for good measure and you should be good to go. There are 62 ideas and tips here! So there’s bound to be something that will help you out. Enjoy! 
let’s just jump straight in! 
  1. Be spontaneous! Pull our your camera and take photos of the world around you These could make for great in the moment social shares or you can use later.
  2. Don’t wait to discuss that really important topic! Go live on Facebook and start generating conversation now! 
  3. Consistency is really key to building those long term relationships. Simply sharing content once and leaving it isn’t going to get you where you need to be. Keep creating social media content and sharing on social media. Stay in your customers feed and at top of mind. 
  4. Jump on a twitter chat for your industry or area. What important topics are being discussed? Could this be your next blog or social media post? 
  5. That great work you just created or delivered for a client... share it, show how you solved a problem and delivered a great service or product.
  6. Clients love what you do? Shout about it from the roof tops! Share those great testimonials and show the world that you are credible.
  7. Seen something that inspires you? Share it! Is it a quote or image? 
  8. Pull some stats from a blog or article and turn it into a short video or social media image, this could turn out to be very interesting info for potential customers or followers but you’ll never know if you don’t share it! 
  9. Set up Google Alerts for your industry so you see the content that matters to your niche first. Share this info with your own comment on the topic.
  10. Got 1/2 hour? Open an app such as wordswag and create a batch of images using your own branding. You can schedule these out later.
  11. Use a hashtag research app to find relevant hashtags for your Instagram posts. This will help you get more reach for your posts.
  12. Use Apple Clips to create spontaneous video with captions. It’s often the most spontaneous videos or thoughts shared that have the most impact on our customers.
  13. Remember followers aren’t numbers they are people. Every person matters. Talk to people individually make everyone feel like they are appreciated
  14. Use a calendar to pick special days throughout the year that you could create content around such as Valentine’s Day, burns night or national pizza day!
  15. Take photographs of your customers enjoying themselves with you, your Product or service, (with their permission of course!) nothing says: this product is great like seeing real people using it! 
  16. Spend a few moments each day looking at who you’d love to work with and seek them out on social media. Always send a personalised connection request if you are connecting on LinkedIn.
  17. Reach out to bloggers that may be interested in your products, ask if they’d be interested in doing a review in return for a free sample. 
  18. Collaborate with others in your industry offering similar or complimentary products or services. This way you gain access to their customers and vice versa opening you up to more potential customers. 
  19. Ask people to share their questions with you on social media and then answer them via livestream or your social media feed. 
  20. Share a freebie such as a calendar or printable guide and offer in return for an email address This could help you build your email list.
  21. Be interested and not interesting.
  22. Create your own gifs to add a little bit of movement to your social media posts. You may have several messages to share. A simple way to do this is to use the gipfy gif creator to make quick and easy gifs. 
  23. Everyone loves a little humour! Is there something that would tickle your audience?
  24. Don’t want to be on camera alone? Interview someone! This is a great way to serve interesting live or recorded video content to your audience.
  25. Do a live game show or competition! Think old school but online.
  26. If you are a group administrator use the tools available to showcase a member of the month! Who is your most active member, don’t they deserve a little recognition?
  27. Countdown! Is something exciting happening? Perhaps a big industry event or such? If so why not do a countdown to the event offering a little tip each day along the way.
  28. Top tips! You know your trade or craft better than anyone and your advice is of great value to your customers, create a top tip for them that’s helpful and shareable.
  29. What’s your story? Maybe you have many stories and anecdotes... share them, use a beginning a middle and an end.
  30. Make them feel moved. What moves your audience? What makes them want to talk
  31. Create your own twitter chat!
  32. Use your phone to create a tutorial with the screen recording app. This way you can show people exactly how you use certain apps or tools.
  33. Be your own critic... Ask yourself, am I posting this content for the sake of it or is is really good?
  34. Align your goals with your content, think, will this content give me the desired results?
  35. Join a social media group and answer peoples questions. There is no better way to show your expertise that jumping in and helping others freely.
  36. Write a blog about something you feel strongly about in your industry, pull quotes and captions and create images for social media. Record the blog as a podcast or even a video. From one blog you could generate 5-10 pieces of new content.
  37. Steer clear of jargon. Jargon doesn’t build trust. Instead explain a complicated industry terms as part of your content mix.
  38. Be you! Simple yet effective
  39. Keep all of your visual social media creations in a file so that you can go back in and use them later!
  40. Live tweet from industry events using the hashtag! Not only will this provide interesting content to your audience but it will help you connect with other delegates.
  41. Offer a free webinar or online seminar to your followers, in return you could ask for an email address or simply doing this without requiring anything in return will help you build your credibility and help you become more visible.
  42. Check your analytics and make a point of writing a report every month even if it’s just for your own benefit. What has worked this month, what didn’t, what should I be doing more of?
  43. Choose a charity to fundraise for, do something fun or whacky to raise money live on Facebook.. it’s for a good cause
  44. Stay positive - just a reminder 😄
  45. Don’t stress if your last post didn’t get any interaction. Simply remember that even if this helped one person it was worth it.
  46. Leave people wanting more.. create a story and leave a cliffhanger and the only way that people can find out what happens is to check out your socials tomorrow.
  47. What problem do your audience have? Create a funny meme around it and poke fun at the issue! People love this kind of relatable content.
  48. Turn your best comments into blogs. Sometimes your best social media comments make for epic blog or vlog posts!
  49. Get everyone in the company involved in the social media posting! Do they have something to say? Let them say it? Show how diverse your business is!
  50. Create exciting /  funny and moveable posts with boomerang app.
  51. Use Planoly to visualise your Instagram grid
  52. Make sure you use your colour palette and branding images where possible. This way people can spot you or your brand without even seeing your logo.
  53. Make a list of dates hashtags for industry events you can’t attend and get involved in the conversation. This way it’ll be like you never missed it!
  54. Make a list of influential people in your space spend time cultivating relationships with them on social media.
  55. What change would you like to make in the world? Vocalise it! Social media is great place to do this.
  56. Keep a notepad by your bed and jot things down as they come into your head this way you won’t lose your ideas by the time you wake up.
  57. Create an image or video or your favourite quote or a quote that your audience will love!
  58. Be authentic - show the good sides and the bad sides, document what it takes to run a successful business.
  59. Use stories to show fun things that happen throughout the day. Take your audience on a journey with you.
  60. Generate some buzz about a product by creating a great video.
  61. Share or retweet posts from influencers or industry voices.
  62. Create a list of advice and help that will help your audience.

There you have it! As many ideas I could think up on the spot. I hope you enjoy using some of them to get you into the creative groove and make your socials more active! 

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