Social Media Content Planning Course CPD Certified

Social Media Content Planning Course CPD Certified

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Plan your social media content like a pro with our social media content planning course. This course is a live in person training session which takes place online with Lucy Hall (Social Media Planner creator). Lucy is also a Facebook Blueprint Accredited Trainer and Amazon / Enterprise Nation Business Accelerator Social Media Expert. 

This 2 hour course with additional homework (You will create a plan to be marked) will also gain you a CPD Certificate and points. 

Learners will be able to: Create and plan content for social media.


Define target audience

Understand SM Content Best Practice

Create Their Unique Business Personality

Create a shortlist of content ideas

Create a content plan for your business

Use tools to create and organise content

Test and measure effectiveness of social media content

At the end of this course you'll have created a content plan for the coming month and also optional social media assets to use. 

You will also receive a CPD certificate in the post. 

You will be required to attend for 2 hours in live interactive classroom style and then complete your homework and send in, in your own time (by the deadline).

This course is perfect for both business owners and marketers looking to create a social media plan or gain a refresher. 

What are the benefits of having a social media content plan?

Save yourself time

“A Sunday well spent means a week of content.”

Deciding on what content to post and when to post it in advance will inevitably save you time in the long run...and time is money, after all! If you review your content and plan regularly, dedicating perhaps just one day a month to it, you could really maximise the potential of your brand’s social media presence. Plus, you’ll start every day with one extra thing boxed off your to-do list.

Generate amazing content ideas

Content planning not only helps you plan when your content will be published, but will also help you to generate high quality content ideas. If you’re the kind of person whose mind is always buzzing with great content ideas, note them down in your content plan to use when it comes around to your planning day. Rather than rushing content out as and when you think of it, this planned approach will allow you to refine your ideas and invest the time needed to turn your ideas into truly memorable, professional content.


Review what content works and what doesn’t

A crucial part of generating amazing content involves identifying the content that isn’t so amazing. By reviewing which content has gained high levels of engagement and which content has not, you can determine what kind of things your audience are really interested in seeing and engaging with. Reviewing this at least once a month will allow you to ensure that your brand stays relevant and your marketing techniques remain effective. 


Identify and utilise special dates

Identifying which dates are meaningful to your target audience is a great way of engaging with your customers. With a solid content plan which schedules in date-specific content, utilising these special dates becomes much easier and guarantees that you remember them!


Identify and communicate your brand personality and values

Creating a content plan really allows you to reflect on the core values and personality of your brand. Once you’re sure of who you are, customers will be more confident in your brand, and your personality will then shine through in your content. 


Identify and optimise your target audience

You may already have an idea of who your target audience is, but when was the last time you sat down and actually looked at the demographics of your followers and consumers? Reviewing your content engagement and followers through a social media content plan is a great way of ensuring that your content really is relevant, engaging, and tailored to your audience.

Diversify your content 

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and find yourself producing the same kinds of content on your social media platforms. But this type of content may not be the most effective; your audience may even be getting tired of it. A content plan will help you to identify issues like this and ensure that you are diversifying your content to include high quality images and great copy as well as gifs, videos, website and blog links, live content and more.

Review and set marketing goals

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

Based on reviewing and scheduling content through your content plan, you can set broader marketing and business goals to help you to continue expanding and improving your business.

What people have said about the social media content planning course / workshop:

Lucy is incredibly professional and knowledgeable. I got a lot out of this course and look forward to a more advanced course to follow on.

Emma - Bloom Creatives

Great teaching style, really approachable and enthusiastic. Great sense of community.

Avni Gohil 

I would recommend this course to those who are in their first couple of years in business. It gives you some great ideas to explore with your content planning.

Jennifer Gilmour - Latte & Live

A really enjoyable course which gave a great insight into content planning. I loved learning new skills and knowing I can now develop my content ideas better and in advance which has been great!

Catherine Dunning 

The fabulous Lucy hosted yet another great event on ‘How to create a social media content plan’ and I have to say it far exceeded my expectations and really lifted me on a Monday morning. It has made me far more focused on my social media content and the best practices shared have been a godsend along with the amazing community of women on the course were second to none, having already connected with a couple of ladies from the day. If you haven’t done this course yet then it’s a must for anyone looking to focus on who and what your business is and how to create great social media content. Thank you Lucy!

Rachael Whiteside-Blaxter

The course was great. Lucy is a great teacher. Makes sure you understand. Presentation has so much value and information.


The interactive, all inclusive nature of the course not only allowed participants to learn from the leader lecturer but to share skills with each other.

Emma York - Fresh Approach Digital 

Dates Available: 14th & 28th September