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Social Media Content Planner and 2021 Diary A4 Hardback, Blue Stripe
Social Media Content Planner and 2021 Diary A4 Hardback, Blue Stripe
Social Media Content Planner and 2021 Diary A4 Hardback, Blue Stripe
Social Media Content Planner and 2021 Diary A4 Hardback, Blue Stripe
Social Media Content Planner and 2021 Diary A4 Hardback, Blue Stripe
Social Media Content Planner and 2021 Diary A4 Hardback, Blue Stripe
Social Media Content Planner and 2021 Diary A4 Hardback, Blue Stripe
Social Media Content Planner and 2021 Diary A4 Hardback, Blue Stripe
Social Media Content Planner and 2021 Diary A4 Hardback, Blue Stripe
Social Media Content Planner and 2021 Diary A4 Hardback, Blue Stripe
Social Media Content Planner and 2021 Diary A4 Hardback, Blue Stripe

Social Media Content Planner and 2021 Diary A4 Hardback, Blue Stripe

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The social media planner and diary 2021 helps you to get your social media content organised offline.


(currently 50% off normal price) 

Are you always posting content at the last minute and wishing that you could be more organised with your social media posting schedule?

Stop waiting until it’s too late to decide what to post. Instead of wasting time wondering what to post, plan ahead and focus your attention on other important tasks.

The idea of the social media planner is that you can use it to create a full social media content plan across 1 or multiple channels. 

The system is ready to go for you to set up your marketing goals yearly and monthly as well as figure out your customer avatar, business personality, brand guidelines before you even get into your weekly plans.

The social media planner is now in the 4th year of publishing and this year it's the best yet.

Your planner was crafted to be of the most beautiful quality and design and for stationary lovers this will really hit the spot, you can use your weekly planner as both a social media plan and a week to view diary mitigating the need for both. 

With a hardback cover, double bound gold rings, gold foil lettering to the front, 3 beautiful designs, 200 planning pages in 100 GSM luxury paper made for writing with multiple pen types, a page of stickers to use in your planner, including social media icons, email icons, to do icons and more. 

What's inside? 

As you open your social media planner you'll first find usage instructions. And then onto the goal planning section, we'll look at your 6 goals for 2021. Setting goals is important because it gives our marketing focus and helps us create a roadmap of where we want to go. 

Understanding our customers is one of the most important aspects of marketing after-all it's those people we are trying to reach, so we've added a customer avatar section so you can make a note of your ideal customer, you may have more than 1 customer type and so we have made extra printables available of each planner page for you to print and use if needed. 

Our business personality is who we are and how we sound on social media, giving your business a personality makes it easier to create and craft posts that sound truly unique to your own brand, figuring this out is also good if you are going to outsource, as it will help your social media manager with tone of voice when crafting your social media posts. 

Look and feel is how we look across our social media channels, we've added a section this year for you to add the fonts and hex colours for your business, this is handy for when you are using multiple tools to create content and you need access to your font names and colours quickly, when you are using the same colours and fonts on your social media channels regularly this gives a look of consistency and helps your business to become more recognisable to your customers. 

Into the planning pages, each month there are 2 pages which help you dive into your monthly objectives or goals and list your content ideas. In this section you'll find a list of special holidays and awareness days to add to your planner to create content around, we will also provide an email monthly with all the special dates to hook into on social media such as national pet day and more. This section also includes some social media prompts and ideas for the months content production. 

Into your weekly planning section, this section has been completely simplified for 2021 not only are the pages Monday - Sunday and dated we have broken your content plan down into 4 sections: Channel (As in social network), Theme (what type of post i.e ask the audience, promotional or how to), Visual (the type of content you'll create such as image, video, gif or link) and Caption (this is where you'll put the copy you want to post on social media). 

On the right hand pages we have added a week to view diary, this is new for 2021 as many of our customers reported that they didn't want to carry 2 books around and so your planner is now also able to double up as a diary where you can add and plan important meetings and activities for the coming weeks, months and year. 

Towards the end of each monthly section you'll find an analytics tracker section, in this area you can log your numbers such as most popular posts, how much reach you've had, engagement rates and more. This page is very important as it helps you reflect on the month helping you understand what worked and what didn't and how successful your social media plan has been. You can work out what do more of for the coming month and what type of content your audience really loves. 

We have also added a notes page to each month for your scribbles and ideas, within this section you'll also find a motivational or thought provoking quote to help keep you motivated. 

The idea of the planner is to keep you on track, help you be consistent, give you a place offline to keep all of your ideas, a system you can take anywhere with you, a guide for your social media planning, a time saver and we've made your planner beautiful and high quality so that you want to take it with you everywhere. 

The social media planner and diary comes in a beautiful box, wrapped in paper for the ultimate luxury unboxing experience, which looks gorgeous on Instagram. 

The social media planner 2021 edition is available for just £25 + £4.20 UK P&P - We ship internationally although just a note that shipping rates are higher outside the UK. 

What our customers say:

“Wow! Just what I’ve been looking for to plan out my social media content. I tend to write a lot of my ideas down before I put them into action and usually it’s just using a standard notebook, however, I really wanted to find something that was fit for purpose and I came across this. It’s exactly what I was looking for with loads of added extras also! Very meticulously put together and excellent quality! The A4 size allows for lots of extra writing and planning room also. Definitely would recommend this for anyone who plans content for business."

Sarah Jane Vincent - Miss Content Creative

"Being a business who is using Social media regularly this will help me to be more consistent and more structured in my social marketing.

The planner has all the prompts I need to keep my social media enaging, eye catching and consistent. This planner is a gem. I absolutely love it. It's more like a secret tool for my business to keep ahead of my competitors. It's incredibly empowering!

As soon as you buy this planner you'll feel so relieved. As soon as you get an idea add it to your planner and you can move forward and focus on your new clients.

I believe every business should have this planner."

Jennifer Gilmour

"Most well organised and useful planner"

"I bought this planner to support my business and I have nothing but positive things to say. I've bought a number of 'pretty' planners in the past but this one actually provides value inside the cover. The first 10 pages act like a workbook with useful prompts to help you form your strategy for your social and content for the year. Each month is headed up with a monthly view, notable days and tips to create content to support your online visibility and engagement. Following this there is then a week-to-view to plan out the content to post on each day, with space to track your weekly goals, follower count and review what worked/didn't.

If you manage social/content for your own businesses or for others I highly recommend this planner!"

Lauren Bennet - Evoke Media Ltd

"This is the only planner that has EVERYTHING you need. It completely keeps me in check. The layout helps with productivity. This years is even better and improved sections."

Georgina Thomas, Marketing Manager - Tillhill Forestry


About the Creator:

The planner was created by Lucy Hall who has been working in the social media industry for 10 years after creating an e-commerce start-up as a teen and then working in the city for various media firms she started as a freelancer creating social media content plans for clients including brands and agencies until she set up her own agency and now runs regular social media training and accredited content planning courses to thousands of people around the world. She is featured regularly on the BBC and featured as a Facebook Blueprint Lead Trainer. Lucy is a Facebook and Enterprise Nation #SheMeansBusiness Advisor and accredited trainer.

Lucy is also the founder of the UK's biggest social media festival SocialDay and Digital Women a community that empowers a million women through digital skills.